[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Esteban Garcia Bravo & Maxwell Carlson — Chromatic Shifts

Artists Statement

This LED installation illustrates the cognitive dissonance that occurs in the 2D retinal representation of 3D images. Shifts in light and color offer illusory perceptions of a static shape.  carlsongarcia.com/texts

  • Esteban Garcia Bravo & Maxwell Carlson, Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Carlson Garcia is a collective effort by artists Maxwell Carlson and Esteban García Bravo questioning constructs of shape and color perception through sculpture and digital media. Esteban explores computational arts as a researcher, a practitioner and as an educator. He earned his MFA in 2008, a Ph.D. in Technology in 2013, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics at Purdue University. Maxwell Carlson is graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences and Technology. His expertise in machine tool design and technology complement his artistic interests. Since 2011, Carlson Garcia have collaborated constructing interactive installations and manufacturing “digital objects” for public enjoyment.   carlsongarcia.com Source:  currentsnewmedia.org/artist/esteban-garcia-bravo