[ISEA2014] Artists Statement: Ben Bogart, Sarah Lahti & Christian Kantner — Picturing El Nido (Paradise on Earth)

Artists Statement

This interactive video installation piece was created using an Arduino, connected to an RGB light sensor, and to a computer. The piece’s inspiration came from a belief that studying the same place, the same location, under different lighting conditions, would make each visit to the place unique and meaningful. The coding of this piece was created by Christian Kantner.

  • Ben Bogart (Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist working with generative computational processes (including physical modelling, chaotic equations, feedback systems, evolutionary algorithms, computer vision and machine learning) and has been inspired by knowledge in the natural sciences (quantum physics and cognitive neuroscience) in the service of an epistemological inquiry. ekran.org/ben/wp
  • Sarah Lahti
  • Christian Kantner