[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Michelle Gay — OnWhatIs

Artists Statement

Onwhatis – is language experiment, digital dynamically generating bookmachine -’natural language’ engine acting as ghost writer, collaborator and framework – where language acts upon language, activating and destabilizing Parmenides Fragments.

  • Michelle Gay studied art and art history at the University of Toronto, Canada,  and received her MFA from NSCAD (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). Her work often experiments with the ubiquitous desktop PC, as a site of intimate virtual or digital experiences – teasing out resonant connections between machines and bodies and between digital and actual spaces. She often collaborates with her brother and particle physicist Colin Gay on these “artware” projects. Interested in the possibilities of touch and poetics within new media platforms, they develop artware designed to play with technologies in non-useful ways.  michellegay.com