[ISEA2014] Artist Statement: Anne Katrine Senstad & C.C. Hennix — The Infinitesimal – Interlacing Worlds

Artist Statement

This work was developed during a three weeks artist residency at the Liwa Oasis near Abu Dhabi. Multi projection video installation with textiles, sound (by C.C. Hennix), arabic Majilis seating. Video: Sonoptic Parallels – The Infinitesimal (2017)

the title UNIVERSALS was the initial project that became impossible to produce, so I created the indoor installation instead: ‘The Infinitesimal – Interlacing Worlds’. This part of the several installations i produced was the main installation. Interlacing Worlds was the curatorial umbrella title of Janet Bellotto’s curatorial part of ISEA Dubai , which included :

  1. Abu Dhabi Art Hub: 1 main installation: The Infinitesimal – a multi projection video installation with textiles, sound ( by C.C. Hennix) , arabic Majilis seating.
  2. Liwa Art Hub in the Empty Quarter( a satellite of the Abu Dhabi Art Hub artist residency in the desert) :  4 installations: Black Gold,  Palm Burka , Video projection installation of Color Synesthesia VI and fog machine,  installed in an empty transparent greenhouse and Measuring the Desert, a performative land intervention. 
  3. Al Fahidi district, Dubai. A site specific 2 channel video projection of Color Synesthesia onto historic walls.”

  • Norwegian artist Anne Senstad was educated at Parsons School of Design and The
    New School for Social Research in New York, USA. Senstad’s practice lies in the multi
    disciplinary intersections of installation art, photography, video, neon sculpture,
    immersive installation, landart and site specificity, with a focus on the phenomena of perception and the cognitive system in response to the properties of light, sound and color, as well as her hybridized critical and poetic text based works on dialectics,
    literature, language and philosophy through use of signage and commercial materials and commodities.  annesenstad.com
  • Catherine Christer Hennix (C.C. Hennix) (born 1948) is a Swedish sound artist, poet, composer, philosopher, mathematician and visual artist associated with drone music. Hennix was affiliated with MIT’s AI Lab in the late 1970s and was later employed as research professor of mathematics at the State University of New York, New Paltz, USA [Source Wikipedia 06.07.2020]

Supported by Production Network for Electronic Art Norway.