[ISEA2004] Paper: Gary Stewart — inIVA Digital Archive: Race Representation and the Digital Domain


Through its Digital Archive project inIVA intends to engage in a process of re-examining digital media to see if there are particular multimodal and multisensory aspects of the digital environment and technology that afford us new perspectives and positions from which to interrogate and navigate the ‘archive’ in fresh and meaningful ways.

inIVA creates exhibitions, publications, multimedia, education and research projects designed to bring the work of artists from culturally-diverse backgrounds to the attention of the widest possible public. Anchored in the diversity of contemporary British culture and society, inIVA engages with culturally-diverse practices and ideas, both local and global. inIVA invites artists and audiences to question assumptions about contemporary art and ideas. It acts as a catalyst for making these debates and artworks part of mainstream culture extending the intellectual,
social and geographical boundaries of debate on contemporary visual art.


  • Gary Stewart, UK

Full text (PDF) p. 80