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Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Summit on New Media Art Archiving was major success

The Summit took place as planned, without flaws, thanks to the support of the ISEA2020 organisation for the first 5 hours (the 16 presentations and 5 q&a sessions) and the Zoom hosting by Bonnie Mitchell for the 3 parallel break-out sessions and the plenary concluding session, during the last 3 hours. 
The order of the presentation programme was mainly based on the respective time zones of the presenters, that varied from Australia to Peru (16 hours time difference between those two locations). The presentations were prerecorded by the presenters and submitted as video files, the q&a sessions with the presenters and the roundtables (Break Out & Concluding sessions) where all life. Some 100 people participated.
Seven of the papers will appear in the ISEA2020 Proceedings, that will be published shortly and included in the ISEA Symposium Archives. We are also in the process of entering the abstracts of all presentations. The videos of the presentations will be embedded in our new (under construction) archive and links will be included in this ‘classic’ ISEA archive. The discussions have also been recorded. How we will make those public is still to be decided.
The four organising parties (the archives of ADA, Ars Electronica, ISEA and SIGGRAPH Art Show) will produce a report of the meeting soon, including planned future actions, as we will continue the co-operation and extend the network gradually.

To sign the Liverpool Declaration (see the link below) send an email to wendy.coones(at)donau-uni.ac.at

The Programme of the Summit is below

The Proceedings of the Summit are available in the Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Montreal, 2020, pages 688-714


[updated October 21, 2020]


ISEA2020  October 16

The whole symposium was an online event. See  isea2020.isea-international.org


during ISEA2020 in MONTREAL, Canada: Friday October 16

The Summit is organised with the purpose of presenting a roadmap towards the goals of the Liverpool Declaration*).

This is a co-operative effort of the ISEA, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH and ADA archives.


All sessions via ISEA2020 except Break-out & Concluding sessions (via Zoom)

Name of Presenter Country (City) of Presenter Title Clock (Montreal time) Remarks
      8.00:  1 min intro  
Melanie Swalwell Australia (Melbourne) Archiving Australian Media Arts: Towards a method and a national collection 8.02-8.11  
Rodrigo Guzman Serrano Hong Kong A  History of the Internet through MoMA’s Exhibition Sites. Web-Archiving Art Content at NYARC 8.12-8.22  
Hava Alboudy Israel Archiving and Researching Media Art in Israel: Challenges, Innovative Solutions, and Potential International Collaborations 8.23-8.32  
Vladlena Gromova Russia (Saint Petersburg) A Database of Interdisciplinary Art in Russia 8.33-8.43  
Q&A Session 1     8.44-9.00 LIVE
Oliver Grau Austria Museum-Network Digital Arts: For a concerted Collection, Documentation and Conservation Strategy (Including intro to ADA) Keynote 9.00-9.40  
Christina Radner Austria The Ars Electronica Archives 9.41-9.46  
Bonnie Mitchell & Jan Searleman USA (Ohio) The SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archives 9.47-9.53  
Wim van der Plas & Bonnie Mitchell Netherlands The ISEA Symposium Archives 9.54-10.00  
Q&A Session 2     10.00-10.20 LIVE
Scott Rettberg Norway ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base 10.21-10.32  
Camille Baker UK Brief history of STARTS and STARTS related EU policy overview 10.33-10.49  
Adam Lockhart UK VR as a Preservation and Simulation Tool for Media Artwork Installations 10.50-11.00  
Q&A Session 3     11.01-11.16 LIVE
Tadeus  Mucelli Brazil (Belo Horizonte) Digital Art Festival, Biennial Of Digital Art and Labcult (UFMG/PPGCI) 11.17-11.31  
Elisa Arca Jarque Peru (Lima) ePPA:  Space/ Platform for Audiovisual preservation 11.32-11.41  
Bertrand Gervais Canada (Montreal) Carving out a Path: Building Research and Knowledge environments (RKE) in a Digital Culture 11.42-11.54  
Q&A Session 4     11.55-12.10 LIVE
Devon Mordell Canada (Ontario) Preservation Begins at Creation: An Embedded Digital Archivist Within the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts 12.11-12.21  
Byeongwon Ha USA (Columbia) Archiving Interactive Art for Art Practitioners and Theorists 12.22-12.32  
Q&A Session 5     12.33-12.45 LIVE

Room 1: Connecting New Media Art Archives. Moderated  by Bonnie Mitchell

Room 2: Creating Ties to Museums. Moderated  by Wendy Coones

Room 3: Funding for New Media Art Archives (Brainstorm, Networking for Fundraising Strategies). Moderated  by Wim van der Plas


LIVE via Zoom

3 rooms

CONCLUDING SESSION   Creating a roadmap towards the goals of the Liverpool Declaration. Moderated by Oliver Grau & Bonnie Mitchell 14.35-16.00 LIVE via Zoom

*) MEDIA ART NEEDS GLOBAL NETWORKED ORGANISATION & SUPPORTInternational Declaration, signed by 500 professionals representing the key institutes in the field. Link to: Media Art History Declaration
To sign the Liverpool Declaration send an email to wendy.coones(at)donau-uni.ac.at

The Summit Proceedings are published as part of the ISEA2020 Proceedings and can also be found here