[SISEA 1990] Institutional Presentation: Alfredo Stiglitz & Goffredo Haus – L.I.M Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale


This work gives a brief overview of the scientific and aesthetic researches at the L.I.M. – Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale. Many projects have been carried on since 1975; they cover many areas in the field of computer applications to music; the main projects concern the following topics:

-definition of formal methods for music information describing, with particular emphasis on   Petri nets as the formal tool;

-study and experimentation about advanced digital sound processing techniques;

-design and implementation of software and hardware tools for music processing, with many   levels of representation capability, both for real time and interactive systems;

-study and experimentation about multimedia aesthetics.

  • Alfredo Stiglitz (Italy)
  • Goffredo Haus (Italy)