[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Davis & Davis – HAULING ICE

Artist Statement

Installation (2015)

Hauling Ice is an experimental setup and narrative environment featuring an animatronic sasquatch rowing a small, wooden boat. The boat, floating in a wading pool, tows a large, hissing, inflatable iceberg, in front of a wall-mounted, marine-glacial panorama backdrop. Wall text, charts and graphs included as part of the installation indicate the artists’ experimental design. It is an attempt to answer the question: Can a sasquatch tow an iceberg with a rowboat?

  • Davis & Davis (USA) have collaborated on a variety of photography, video and installation projects over the last several years. Their interests include the environment, psychology, pop culture and fringe sciences. In addition to recent solo shows at Marx Zavattero in San Francisco and L2K in Los Angeles, Davis & Davis have exhibited at Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago, Riverside Art Museum, Chelsea Museum of Art, Ulrich Museum of Art and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, among other venues. Davis & Davis have MFA degrees in Art/Photography & Media from the California Institute of the Arts and are based in Los Angeles.

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