[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Karla Brunet — Thalassoglitch

Artist Statement

Projection (2015)

ThalassoGlitch is a selection of glitch images of the sea. While mostly underwater photographs, they represent a mixture of nature, water and noise interference. Brunet uses the metaphor of sound, applying different effects such as echo, repeat, phaser, pitch, invert, speed, profile, noise removal, amplify, reverse, equalizer, leveller, click removal, BassBoost and normalize. The 20 photographs in the series portray a decaying and adulterated sea, a slideshow of corrupted files.

  • Karla Brunet (1972, Brazil) is an artist and researcher who has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited in Brazil, Europe and the USA and she received a grant from FAPESB (The Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado da Bahia, Brasil) for post-doctoral research on Mobile Technology and Art. Brunet is a professor at IHAC and Pós-Cultura at UFBA (Universidade Federal da Bahia), where she researches projects at the intersection of art, science and technology. Brunet was the coordinator of Labdebug.net (2009-2012), curator of FACMIL/LabMAM (2012), and coordinates the Ecoarte, an interdisciplinary research and art group. She lives in Berlin, Germany, working on a research grant at the Universität der Künste Berlin. karlabru.net/site

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