[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Neil Mendoza – THE PONYTRON

Artist Statement

Scavenged Stepper Motors, Car Door Lock Solenoids, Action Man, My Little Pony, Aluminium (2014)

This piece takes two cast off toys – Action Man and My Little Pony – and brings them together to form a new whole. The two toys work in harmony to bring to life a dose of 80s synth pop.

  • Neil Mendoza is an artist exploring ways of breathing life into objects and spaces through the use of digital and mechanical technology. He is a founding member of the collective, is this good?. His work has been exhibited by The AND Festival, The Barbican, BBC Big Screens, ISEA, Kinetica, The Museum of London, The Nottingham Playhouse, Oi Futuro, PICNIC Festival, The Science Museum, The V&A and Watermans, among others. He is based in Los Angeles.

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