[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Erik Zepka – ‘xoxox.com’, ‘phonics abrogate’ and ‘rust chortle effete’

Artist Statement also Artist Talk

Video, Web  2007 – 2015 (xoxox), 2013 (phonics abrogate), 2014 (rust chortle effete)

x-o-x-o-x.com is an evolving work of process and performance where categories fail and are disrupted, and where technical boundaries between types of knowledge are probed and questioned. Each category is explored through glitch and reconfigured toward new paradigms in which narrative is not quite decipherable.

  • Erik Zepka is a conceptual artist, researcher and writer working in the intersections of art, literature, science and philosophy. With a new media focus, the growing technologies of the internet form a hub for his interdisciplinary exploration. Through presentation, publishing, curation, distribution, and exhibition, projects manifest in forms that fail to rest consistently in any given discipline. The work is distributed throughout the social web, linking to the hubs x-o-x-o-x.com and erikzepka.com under different themes that overlap and contrast with one another. This evolving body of work has been published, presented and exhibited internationally.

Text with images (PDF) p. 38