[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Kamarulzaman Bin Mohamed Sapiee – FACIAL CODES

Artist Statement

Photo Archival Paper (2014)

In a world driven by technology and the world-wide web, Facial Codes tackles the idea of finding familiarity in the unfamiliar. This series of photographs deals with the artist’s memory of past and present. By superimposing circular discs with QR codes onto faces, the artist creates a sense of representational impenetrability in 2D art and design. Using technology to disrupt the recognition of faces, the ironic loss of familiarity and identity is summoned, despite living in
an age of modern technology often thought to bridge distances.

  • Kamarul is a multidisciplinary artist from Singapore. He is currently pursuing his BA in NTU’s School Of Art, Design & Media and majoring in Interactive Media. Kamarul represented Singapore at the first World Event Young Artist in Nottingham, UK in 2012.

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