[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Sissel Marie Tonn – WORK SPACES

Artist Statement

Video and Projection Table (2014)

Six people from around the world working through the online platform Odesk were employed to meet with the artist on Skype to create a digital rendering of their physical workspaces. The piece uses the collected screen captured footage of these encounters to explore the potential for sensing and capturing the presence of others through layers of digitization. The work asks how today’s communication technologies challenge our sense of presence, as more and more day-to-day interactions are absent of physical bodies and spaces.

  • Sissel Marie Tonn is a Danish artist with a background in media and cultural studies. She has developed her interdisciplinary practice out of participatory design programs, drawing, audiovisual scenography, and collaborations with musicians. Her practice currently revolves around questions of how ecologies of digital media interact with human bodies, how they define and redefine our sense of self and other, and how the infrastructures of ubiquitous technologies and interfaces can be reconfigured into instances of sensation, embodiment and lived experience.

Text with images (PDF) p. 48-49