[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Luke Pendrell – INGIS FATUUS (GHOST LIGHT)

Artist Statement

Digital Moving Image (2015)

Ingis Fatuus conjures the ghostly echoes of contemporary life, positing a dark parallax to the perception of social media as a benign creative space of opportunity and friendship. The ghost is an increasingly prevalent aspect of the contemporary world because life has become an immense accumulation of ghosts. Everything that once directly lived is now haunted by itself.

  • Based in England, Luke Pendrell is an artist and writer with an interest in exploring the interstices of science, technology and the supernatural. As founding member of the digital art collective antirom, his work has been exhibited since the 1990s at venues including Le Salle de Legion d’honneur (Paris), MoMa (New York), and The Barbican (London), including a recent project Speculative Tate at Tate Britain. He studied at the Royal College of Art and holds the position of principal lecturer in the School of Art & Media at the University of Brighton.

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