[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Adam Castle – SCREENSAVER

Artist Statement

Video (2014)

In this work the artist explores a bodily relationship to digital imagery in the internet age. The video focuses on the absurdity of being able to order a towel printed with a .jpg. A floating landscape of digital debris contains verbatim recitals of chatroom conversations about towel printing, videos painted onto fingernails using iCloud nail polish, spinning 3D CAD scans of towels, and YouTube tutorials about how to make CGI towels. Through this work, the artist examines what it means to bring the digital image into the physical world, and creates a vision for how to feed these objects back into the realm of the digital.

  • Adam Castle employs deadpan absurdity to explore our bodily relationship to digital images and objects. He weaves digital debris into sprawling and often ridiculous time-based works. Based in Edinburgh he has exhibited and performed in London and internationally, recently at Threewalls Contemporary Art, Chicago and upcoming at Meridian Club, Beijing. He runs Pollyanna, a performance art drag cabaret night in Edinburgh, where he becomes the drag hostess, Pollyfilla.

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