[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Eylul Dogruel – BLUE/63471

Artist Statement

Web Art, processing.js (2013)

63471 is the number of the copyright Yves Klein received for his IKB formula, a vivid blue color that keeps its intensity in powder form. In Blue/63471, Dogruel uses IKB as a starting point to question the concept of intellectual property and ownership of ideas. Copyright laws, patents and trademarks are there to protect the rights of creators and their ideas and processes. However, the same laws that protect these ideas simultaneously interrupt their integration back into dialogue and communal culture, interfering with the cycle of remix and re-appropriation. More and more abstract ideas, forms and colors are treated as immutable products, rather than building blocks and components.

  • Eylul Dogruel is a multidisciplinary artist from Istanbul, Turkey. With a double major in Computer Science and Media Arts and Sciences, she has wide interests ranging from design to internet culture and science fiction. She uses many mediums, from acrylic and markers to digital animation, sound and coding, sometimes combining several media. Her work focuses on bending and crossing boundaries and styles of various materials, and aims to recreate particular emotions and states of mind dissociated from their original medium and context.

Text with images (PDF) p. 56-57