[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Greg Debicki (Woulg) – RING BUFFER

Artist Statement

Audiovisual performance (2014)

Ring Buffer explores databending by modelling sound in three dimensions. Sounds are sculpted in 3D modelling software using procedural algorithms and then converted to sound using image to audio mapping, which are then displayed using a spectrograph. By using gestural rhythmic structures with a heavy emphasis on textures and dynamics, the performance takes the audience through an imagined geography, exploring multiple perspectives of alien shapes and soundscapes. By creating the sounds first as visual objects and then manipulating them as sounds in order to display them as visuals again, the project aims to bring the audience into the fabric of the data, to explore it from an inside perspective. Ring Buffer was presented as a world première at MUTEK.ES in Barcelona in March 2015 and was also featured at the Digital Québec showcase in London the same month, as well as at MUTEK 2015 in Montréal.

  • Montréal, Canada-based composer and new media artist Greg Debicki produces emotive glitch music by combining the dissonance of grunge with the rhythmic complexity of IDM and jazz. Woulg releases his output on labels such as Outlier Recordings and Enig’matik. An open source advocate, he writes generative music software and designs interactive projections. Using a bundle of custom software and hacked hardware, he experiments with subversive methods of sound design and visual rendition. He completed a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design and studied music composition at the Dartington College of Arts, UK.

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