[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Alexis Langevin-Tétrault & Lucas Paris (BetaFeed) – SYSTEM

Artists Statement

Audiovisual performance (2015)

Inspired by new technologies and network theory, System uses custom software and generative audiovisual synthesis, manipulated and controlled by gestural interaction and touch interfaces, to explore relationships between modern society and individuals, communication strategies, power and technological progress. The work offers an allegory for a globalized and interconnected world in which individuals seek to make sense of their experience and attempt to retain some freedom of action. The performers assume the role of this individual, interacting in real-time with audiovisual processes that affect the formation and behaviour of their output, while responding to the network of data and information generated by sound and image. The aim is to avoid chaos or a totalitarian takeover by the system. Projected onto a giant screen, System illustrates the reflexivity and tension at the core of a contemporary experience mediated by technology.

  • Based in Montréal, Canada, BetaFeed merges the talents of Alexis Langevin-Tétrault, an electroacoustic and electronic music composer and performer, and Lucas Paris, an audiovisual programmer and composer. Active in areas such as sound design for theatre, video games and video projects, Langevin-Tétrault has been recognized for his experimental sound work, having been awarded a prize in the Acousmatic category at the VII International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition 2014, Foundation Destellos. Lucas Paris develops his own custom digital tools seeking to push the artistic limits of current technologies with the aim of reaching ever more complex and spontaneous expressions between the visual and the musical. He has lent this approach to collaborations with Pierre Michaud, Jean Piché and Herman Kolgen.  alexislt.com

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