[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Michael Denton & Anna McCrickard (Overlap) – DEEPENING SCENERY

Artists Statement

Audiovisual Performance (2014)

Deepening Scenery is a 30-minute audiovisual performance using “component” music and imagery designed to be mixed live, and incorporating a balance between the pre-designed and the accidental. Overlap utilize systematic obscuration, sound/image disparity, and representations of landscape juxtaposed with a stream of manmade objects (components from everyday items), which moves from flowing abstraction to split second interventions. An endless conveyer of the beautiful yet unknown, accompanied by a melodic minimalist soundtrack. In a world of ubiquitous, immediately interpretable imagery and information, perhaps a crucial purpose for abstraction is a kind of universal yet personal sensory mapping. Curated by Philippe Pasquier and Vicki Moulder.

  • Michael Denton & Anna McCrickard (UK) formed Overlap in 1999 as a platform for music, electronic art and music industry, festival and gallery activities including single screen pieces, VJing, audiovisual performances and installations. Overlap’s music is created alongside their imagery. Current work explores the relationship between still and moving imagery through systems of implied motion within transitions, use of discrete picture planes and obscuration techniques.  overlap.co.uk

Text with images (PDF) p. 195