[ISEA2015] Curator Statement: Philippe Pasquier – ALGORAVE

Curator Statement

ISEA2015 presents a historic opportunity to stage Vancouver’s first Algorave. An Algorave is a live performance of danceable music that is generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques, so that instead of playing synthesizers, drums, and keyboards, the artists generate sound by writing code. Starting from a blank page these artists create music making algorithms with programming languages such as IXI Lang, Overtone, Puredata, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Impromptu, Fluxus and Tidal.

The Algorave movement originated in the computer music research community and over the past decade has become popular in the U.K. and across Europe. For this groundbreaking event at ISEA2015 we are excited to present a group of generative system developers and composers as well as live coding artists from around the globe.

Curator: Philippe Pasquier, Metacreation Lab, Canada
Acknowledgments: Vicki Moulder, Curatorial Support;  Kıvanç Tatar, Sound/Tech; Mark Nazemi​, Video Mapping; and Theo Wong​, Graphics.

  • Philippe Pasquier (FR/CA) is Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He is both a scientist specialized in artificial intelligence and a multi-disciplinary artist. His contributions range from theoretical research in artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and machine learning to applied artistic research and practice in digital art, computer music, and generative art. Philippe is the Chair and investigator of the AAAI series of international workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME), the MUME-WE concerts series and the International workshop on Movement and Computation (MOCO). He has coauthored over 100 peer-reviewed contributions.