[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Alex McLean (Yaxu) – UNTITLED

Artist Statement

Live Coding (2015)

This work is a from-scratch “blank slate” live coding performance, improvising percussive techno, and occasionally bringing in and remixing elements from Peak Cut EP.

  • Alex McLean a.k.a. Yaxu is a research fellow and deputy director of ICSRiM (the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music) in Leeds. He makes broken techno using his live coding system Tidal. He cofounded the TOPLAP live coding and Algorave movements, and has performed widely since the year 2000 in many collaborations including Slub and Canute, and at many festivals including Sonar, Club Transmediale, Sonic Acts, Earzoom, NODE, Ars Electronica, Dissonanze, Lovebytes and STRP.  yaxu.org

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