[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Chris Vik & Brad Hammond – VEX

Artists Statement

Performance (2013)

Vex is broken geometry. You can hear it screech and groan as it undulates under pressure, until the moment it snaps and explodes into a furious and broken – but perfectly synchronised – dance of both sound and form. A behavioural computation model directs Vex’s geometric movements, which in turn conducts its granular soundtrack. Vex never repeats itself. Its visual and sonic contours tightly follow a seemingly natural pattern of movement, randomly disrupted by the broken algorithms that drive it. Vex takes you on a journey between the ambient and the violent.

  • Chris Vik is an Australian sound artist and performer with a practice that focuses on interactive and generative audio installations, performance and software. In recent years Chris has worked heavily with motion capture as a tool for musical expression, as well as focusing on the interplay between interaction and algorithmic process. For three years Chris Vik and Brad Hammond have created works together that focus on breaking down the barriers between human and digital worlds.   chrisvik.com

Text with images (PDF) p. 208-209