[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Christopher Anderson – ONNEXTCOUNT

Artist Statement

Live Trombone and MAX programs (2015)

OnNextCount uses a generative music system that directly relates the compositional gestures of the author playing Trombone to the frame of structured improvisation. The piece explores alternative ways to engage in electronic music performance and representation. The improvisatorial and generative elements used within this performance are in dialogue with human and machine autonomy, disruptive aesthetics and the ephemeral. OnNextCount is performed using Ableton Live software and uses an embedded Max for Live system to generate new musical material and signal-processed gestures.

  • Christopher Anderson is a multi-disciplinary music artist and performer, investigating alternative approaches to compositional and performance models using generative and computationally assistive systems. His recent compositions for electronics and trombone explore embedded generative processes in live performance and improvisational systems. Chris is a graduate of Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program and he has a Master’s of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University’s School of Contemporary Arts, both Vancouver, Canada. He is also an occasional sessional instructor and has been a research assistant involved in exploring generative electronic music within the SFU’s Metacreation lab.  metacreation.net/project/generative-electronica-research-project

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