[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Gaëtan Bizien & Tioma Tchoulanov (UVB 76) — TRANSMISSION [V.2]

Artists Statement

Performance (2014)

TRANSMISSION [v.2] is an audiovisual performance that explores the place of electronic interfaces in our society. In this work, different media such as television, computer screens, monitors, GPS, drones, and satellite views are explored, remixed, repurposed, and disrupted. The design integrates the visual and noise disturbances from these technologies in order to produce a visual experience where degenerative alterations are part of the creative process. These aesthetic choices allow the audience to consider unpredictable and disruptive elements as tools of expression that evoke dystopia.

  • UVB 76 is a French duo, Gaëtan Bizien & Tioma Tchoulanov, behind the Parisian label and collective Dot Data. Focused on electronic and experimental music and digital arts, their work is multidisciplinary and combines graphic work with sound research. From dance  music performances in clubs to surround sound concerts, audiovisual installations and performances, UVB 76 has performed at venues such as Centre George Pompidou, Transient Festival, Forum Mondial de la Langue Française.  facebook.com/uvbsoixanteseize

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