[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: FM Grande – RHIZOME PRISM #2

Artist Statement

Projection, Data Processing, Sensors, Moving Image, Sound (2015)

Rhizome Prism #2 is an interactive sculpture that uses sound, colour, animation, the moving image, interactivity and light to explore themes of multiplicity. The freestanding hybrid “electrosculptural” assemblage resembles a series of stacked prisms.

  • Sydney, Australia-based hybrid media artist FMGrande was born in Santiago, Chile. He is a PhD candidate at UNSW Art and Design, researching media arts, spatiality and materiality. Media artist Teigan Kollosche has over 20 years experience in media production, working with prominent artists such as Mike Parr and Naurie Neumark. Sculptor Dillon MacEwon works in theatre and festival productions in Edinburgh, with the likes of Beltane Fire Society, Sativa Night Club and Boiler House Theatre Co. Anna Madeleine is a Sydney-based artist working in stop-motion animation and mixed media. She completed her PhD at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

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