[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Mo H. Zareei – NOISE SQUARE

Artist Statement

Sound-Sculpture and Video Projection (2014)

NOISE SQUARE is an audiovisual installation in which evolutionary patterns of cellular automata are translated into the physical realm through a set of four mechatronic sound sculptures. The sound sculptures are comprised of a small DC motor in a clear box with a pivoting door that is controlled by an actuator. Micro-controller programming is used to change the speed of the motors and to open and shut the instruments’ doors. As the cellular automata evolve through new generations, the installation produces sound and light.

  • Mo H. Zareei is a sound artist and music technology researcher. Using custom-built software and hardware, his experiments with sound range from electronic compositions to sound sculptures and installations. Zareei’s work is particularly targeted at the point where noise meets grid-based structures. He is based in New Zealand, where he is pursuing his PhD research on noise music and mechatronics at Victoria University of Wellington.

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Funding: Victoria University of Wellington