[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Marcelina Wellmer – ERROR 404 502 410

Artist Statement

Sound installation (2012)

Error 502 404 410 enhances the audio qualities of a server error. The rarely noticed sounds that accompany technical errors are normally not perceived in terms of aesthetics. In this work, a variety of hard disk errors or connection failures become audible. The names of the errors are engraved on the surface of the disks, determining how the disks will turn. The work reveals a kind of cognitive dissonance that is derived from reflecting on error as a feature of the computer as a cultural machine.

  • Marcelina Wellmer is operating at the edge of video, installation and painting. The works are dealing with the relation of humans and technology and with the interference of information and media, crossing the border from analog to digital and vice versa. Important exhibitions 2012-2015: Re-new / Digital Arts Festival / Copenhagen / Denmark; Paraflows 7, Reverse Engineering / Vienna / Austria; Transmediale 2012 / Dark Drives, HKW Exhibition / Berlin / Germany; Resonant Bodies / Institut for Cultural Inquiry / Berlin / Germany

Text with images (PDF)  p. 64-65