[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Vivian Charlesworth & Alyson Ogasian – CAVE PLEXUM

Artists Statement

Programming, Electronics and Performance (2013)

Cave Plexum is a wall-mounted black rotary telephone from the 1950’s posited as a recruitment tool for a group of dissidents who are infiltrating a government entity with the intent to blow the whistle on corruption. The phone is part of a larger project and acts as a rabbit hole which allows further interactions with the dissident group, and will ultimately let members participate and collaborate with the artists (a.k.a. the Operator) over time.

  • Vivian Charlesworth navigates the border between the realms of reality and dreams, constructing a disembodied space where the vast and the minuteco-exist. Through a rigorous research and writing practice, she creates immersive environments that assert their own constructed truth.
  • Alyson Ogasian’s work takes up the moments between observation and perception and the space between conjecture and knowing. She is interested in exploration, expedition and the search for understanding. The glitches or errors that occur within the process of making become celebrated not only as deviations from the intended path, but also as potential  points of departure for the imagination.

Text with images (PDF)  p.  66