[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Wickerman & Lomax – BOY’DEGA: EDITED4SYNDICATION

Artists Statement

HD Video (2015)

In Boy’dega: Edited4Syndication, Wickerham & Lomax present a dense, sprawling narrative universe that engages forms and themes from media and fan fiction. The episodic web project at duoxduox.com presents the lives of characters posited as Baltimore residents who are drawn in relation to the shifting roles they occupy within the formal structure, such as character, actor, author and fan. The artists manipulate media tropes like the Director’s Cut and Pre-Visualizations to create a deep, iterative work that investigates television drama, consumerism, indoctrination, and criminality.

  • Wickerham & Lomax is the collaborative name of the Baltimore-based artists Malcolm  Lomax (b. 1986, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA) and Daniel Wickerham (b. 1986, Columbus, Ohio, USA). Formerly known as DUOX, the two have been working together since 2009. W&L have developed a nuanced practice that applies critical intuition and irreverence to the problems and  potentialities of our contemporary media ecology. They’ve created projects for Artists Space and The New Museum in New York as well as show at CCS Bard at The Hessel Museum.  duoxduox.com

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