[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Andres Wanner – SIGNATURE STROKES

Artist Statement

Drone Painting Interventions (2015)

Signature Strokes consists of ultra-short performative interventions in which a remotely controlled drone paints ephemeral graffiti in public space. The title is a play on signature strikes – the drone killings based on suspicious behavioural patterns thought to constitute proof of terrorist activity. But when the drone engages with graffitti, the marks it creates can be understood as a kind of signature. During ISEA2015, the drone will appear as an expressive agent that will unexpectedly intervene and leave visual commentaries.

  • Andres Wanner is a Swiss-Canadian artist, interaction designer and educator. His interdisciplinary practice at the intersection of art and technology investigates rule based generative systems – machines and computer programs that produce pictures. He has taught at art and design universities in Europe and North America and is an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. He holds an MSc in Physics, an MAA in Visual Arts and a BA in Visual Communications. His work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, IDEAS, New Forms Festival, Re-new Festival, Artech, Hyperkult and other international venues.

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