[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Emilio Vavarella & Daniel Belquer – MNEMODRONE

Artists Statement

Intermedia (2014 – ongoing)

MNEMODRONE is a transmedia memory-collecting drone project by artists Emilio Vavarella and Daniel Belquer. The work investigates social and philosophical issues of coexistence between humans and artificial intelligent agents. In the third installment of the MNEMODRONE series, the public will have the opportunity to contribute a memory to the drone’s archive. All the memories shared by the public at ISEA2015 will be analyzed and used to create an evolving artificial intelligence that includes a primordial drone language.

  • Emilio Vavarella’s practice focuses on issues of political philosophy and contemporary technological power. He received his B.A. in Visual, Cultural, and Media Studies from the University of Bologna, Italy, and an M.A. from Iuav University of Venice with fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul.
  • Contemporary intermedia artist Daniel Belquer works internationally, blurring the frontiers between classic artistic genres and emerging technologies. Working as artist, programmer, composer, teacher, and experimental theater director he is engaged with technical and artistic aspects of his work. He is founder of Harvestworks’ International Art Collective (HIAC), NY, USA.

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