[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Brian J. Johnson & Jennifer McLeish-Lewis – MEAN TIME

Artists Statement

2-channel video (2015)

In Mean Time, two fi gures walk the neighbourhoods of Woodstock in Cape Town and the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. They are mirrored by their movement, by the architecture that surrounds them, and ultimately by the urban revitalization that is the totalizing framework of their activity. The work explores questions of how we speak of – and how we might mitigate – the power and control that are at the centre of gentrification and colonialism. The work features compositions by mira calix and Jesse Zubot.

  • Brian Johnson creates work within the continuum of cinema in an expanded form. An award winning cinematographer, Johnson is based in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Dancer Jennifer McLeish-Lewis performs, choreographs, and teaches. She trained across Canada at The Alberta Ballet School, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and MainDance  (2002). She has performed in Canada, the USA, and Europe. As a choreographer, Jennifer has had her work presented in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Seattle, Montreal, Quebec CIty and Berlin.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 75