[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Matthew Gingold – DELAY ORKESTRA

Artist Statement

Installation (piezo transducers, microphones, wire, audio interface, speakers, code) (2015)

Delay Orkestra has been created for ISEA2015 as a targeted media intervention within the active public space of the atrium at Simon Fraser University’s Woodwards campus located in the centre of the Downtown Eastside. The atmosphere in the atrium features a mix of commerce, art, and sports, with chain stores, government offices, and a basketball court that occupies space alongside Stan Douglas’ well-known photographic work Abbot and Cordova, which restages the Gastown Riots of 1971. The space evokes the complex relationships between private interests, government and the public, which play out in the space of the basketball court that lies at its centre. In this work Gingold captures the sound of the game and processes it in real time to produce an audio work.

  • Matt Gingold’s practice spans sonic sculpture, light installation, experimental documentary, creative code, and live audio-visual and performance art. From musique concrète to (sham) animism, neurobiology to artificial and unofficial intelligence, he is fascinated by the forces at the interface of body and machine. He has received awards including Prix Ars Electronica for Interactive Art (2012) and the Green Room Award for Best Video Design (2014), and exhibited at Medialab-Prado (Slovenia), Teatro Mayor (Columbia), MOCA Taipei (Taiwan), Expo Bicentenario (Mexico), Seoul Festival (Korea), and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Australia). He is currently artist in residence at Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Halle, Germany.

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