[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Dawid Górny & Jacopo Atzori (Fabrica Communications Research Centre) – EDGE: A SUPER–ARCHITECTURAL TYPEFACE

Artists Statement

Software and Computer (2015)

Architecture outlines an urban realm that is rife with default flows and physical policies. In Edge, A Super–Architectural Typeface, Dawid Górny and Jacopo Atzori transmit the motion of skateboarding into a dynamic typeface that is realized through performance. Bringing skateboarding into relationship with typography in the context of the built environment allows the alphabet to become a functional structure, inviting a performative
critique of architecture.

  • Interaction designer and programmer Dawid Górny is co-author of the Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook and founder of the inaugural 2012 art+bits festival of art and technology in Poland. His work and research is focused on computer graphics, software development and installations. He has been a resident at Fabrica, communications research centre from 2013 to 2015.
  • Jacopo Atzori is a graphic designer currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His work centers on editorial, web and type design projects. He holds a Bachelor in Communication Design from Politecnico di Milano and in 2014 was a resident at Fabrica, communications research centre.

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