[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Matthew Hebert (eleet warez) – ALWAYS ONENESS (GHILLIE THEREMIN)

Artist Statement

Video (2014)

Always Oneness (Ghillie Theremin) is a Kinectbased project that uses the artist’s movements in a Ghillie suit as a means of creating acoustic drone tones. The work was part of Gabie Strong’s Crystalline Morphologies performance at the Hammer Museum in LA and was shown through the KCHUNG.TV programming for the Made in L.A. Biennial. The project became a music video for San Francisco-based band Bellavista for their song Always Oneness.  youtube.com/watch?v=TqjkdJPMKwg

  • Matthew Hebert has been working under the studio name eleet warez since completing his undergraduate studies in the mid-90s. The name is borrowed from hacker culture and suggests the technical sophistication, improvisational spirit, and freewheeling appropriation that is essential to his work. Matthew Hebert’s work has been exhibited at venues including The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Berkeley Art Museum, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Museum of Craft and Folk Art, The Albuquerque Museum, The Chicago Cultural Center, and Core77 in New York. He is Associate Professor of Art at San Diego State University, USA.

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