[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Frederico Pimpão & ERROR-43 – FUTURE IN PROGRESS

Artists Statement

Light, Audio, Paper, Drawing (2014)

Future in Progress is a performance that emerges from a new spatial perspective in which the artists seek to transport audiences into a real time imaginarium. This imaginarium operates on inputs from the physical world and aims to explore the relation between the real world and the imaginative realm.

  • Frederico Pimpão, Portugal
  • ERROR-43 are architecture students whose works explore the digital environment as an integral element in the built environment. Working in Portugal, they have created and exhibited work for NewSpace (Setubal), ArchOpeningYear (Lisbon) and international works such as ArtVisionContest (Moscow), and La moisture de Arte Visive (Venice), and have been pre-selected to BankSpace in London.  vimeo.com/error43