[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Brady Marks – WE ARE WITH YOU: MIRROR

Artist Statement

2500 diffuse while LEDs, Peggy 2 Light Emitting Pegboard, 3 Phase Motor, HAL Effects Sensor, Beagle Bone White Linux Computer, Plexiglass, Metal Work (Rob Symers), Custom Software (C/Processing), iMac (2012-2015)

Techinically, We Are With You: Mirror, is a 9 Cubic Foot, True 3D Volumetric Display based on persistence of vision, or briefly the Hologram from Star Wars. Originating from the artist run centres and DIY communities in Vancouver, it is a bold shot across the bow of “3D” TV. Conceived by media artist Brady Marks, this 3D Display prototype was built at VIVO Media Arts Centre, shown at Maker Faire Vancouver (2014) and Science World (2015). It is both an artwork and meta work, or Platform for 3D Kinetic Experimentation, continuing the tradition of putting new and emerging technology in the hands of artists to explore the medium’s scope.

  • Brady Ciel Marks is an artist working in sound, light and interactive sculpture. She works with technology and against technological thinking. Her work is often collaborative, bringing generative and interactive perspectives to the conversation. Her solo projects question impending cultural forces such as surveillance, remediation and technological determinism. She holds a M.Sc. in Interactive Arts from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada, hosts a monthly sound art radio show, plays music in a the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble, and DJs regularly.

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