[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Jeremy Keenan – EAR TO MOUTH II

Artist Statement

Kinetic, generative sound installation (2015)

Ear to Mouth II is a kinetic, generative sound installation using a moving speaker, four modified microphones, and processed speaker feedback. The amplitude of feedback influences the subsequent movement of the speaker, which creates further changes in the patterns of feedback. The piece is part of a series initiated with an interest in remote signals, such as mobile networks, and how they affect the movement of human bodies in physical space. The pervasive multitude of distant signals appears to be an invisible process, but has a tangible influence on the domain of the flesh.

  • Jeremy Keenan’s practice has manifested as sonic art, music, multichannel sound, and immersive performance. His current line of practice surrounds ideas of feedback, the reconfiguration of familiar audio tools like speakers and microphones, and the communicative possibilities inherent in sound. Jeremy builds sonic artworks using motion, feedback, and light. Jeremy has a PhD in Studio Composition from Goldsmiths College, London, UK. He is a director of the London based sonic arts collective Call & Response. Jeremy Keenan is of no known relation to the anthropologist of the same name

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