[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Tom Slater – HYBRID SPACES

Artist Statement

Audiovisual 3D soundsculpture (2014)

Hybrid Spaces interrogates whether or not three dimensional audiovisual imaging technologies can act as a clear cut barrier separating digital space and physical space and raises the question: Are virtual objects now capable of generating the same perceptual effects as real objects? By converging laser beam projections with OpenGL graphics and sound source panning, the installation induces an ambiguity of multi-stable, digital/physical space.

  • Tom Slater is an artist and researcher who works with digital media and physical computing to build immersive audiovisual environments. Currently a director of Call & Response and PhD researcher at University College Falmouth, UK, Tom’s creative practice revolves around how sound and image producing technologies affect our understanding of spatial dis/embodiment.

Text with image (PDF) p. 173