[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: neverhitsend – TOGGLE

Artists Statement

Browser plugin (2015)

Toggle is a customized browser plug-in that allows users to modify or overwrite any website. A text or web installation might be installed on a bank’s homepage, for example, or on a particular news site or blog. The collective would then invite ‘digital fellows’ such as artists, activists and writers to write critical texts, make poetic interventions, artworks, interviews etc. Any visitor who has installed the plug-in, which will be available via 221A’s website, will be able to toggle between versions of the site’s original content and that produced or selected by participating digital fellow. Toggle creates a metapage on top of any existing web page. The plugin interface allows users to upload content in the form of text, hyperlinks, and images. To use graffiti terminology: you can, like, tag any website.

  • neverhitsend is a Los Angeles, USA-based collective that performatively researches communications ideology, with a particular focus on issues involving collective authorship, privacy, and anonymity.  daniellebustillo.com/neverhitsend.html

Text with image (PDF) p. 149