[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Doug Van Nort – PALIMPSESTIC

Artist Statement

Multichannel Sound (2015)

Palimpsestic uses documents of past electroacoustic improvisation as raw source material. The sessions centre around a form of multidimensional turntablism”, in which fragments of past sonic memories – captured moments of various sonic contexts from natural recordings to systemic glitches – are recalled, reframed and juxtaposed. Some are left untouched while others are scrubbed, frozen, or stretched into layers. The sonic matter is inflected with a process of manual sculpting that merges gesture with material.

  • Doug Van Nort (Canada) is an artist, researcher, composer and performer. His work is fueled by an interest in affective experiences driven by the sonic and haptic senses. In his work he integrates improvisation with machine agents, interactive systems, and experiences of telepresence. Van Nort has presented his work internationally at various festivals/events, with venues including [SAT] (Montreal), Casa da Musica (Porto), Betong (Oslo), Cafe OTO (London), Skolska28 (Prague), QuietCue (Berlin), Guelph Jazz Festival, EMPAC (Troy), Roulette, Harvestworks, Flea Theatre, Experimental Intermedia, New Museum, Miller Theatre, Issue Project Room and the Stone (NYC) among others.  dvntsea.com

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