[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Pedro F. Bericat – T45 RPM REVES PERFORMANCE

Artist Statement n.a.

Látex (2015)

  • Born in Zaragoza, Spain (1955), Pedro Bericat works in a variety of media and fields, including painting, installation, video, performance, sound and mail art. He has worked on an ongoing body of work titled Immaterial Project since the 1980s, which investigates plastics and sound (Decentralized Congress and Mail Art Calls). In the 1990s he worked with injected transistor radios (radioterrorism-noise), generating distorted information to the media, UNSTABLE MEDIA. Since 2000, he has worked with Staalplaat Soundsystem, exchanging audio and latex objects.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 111