[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Paul Thomas & Kevin Raxworthy – QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS

Artists Statement

8 Channel Sound Work (2015)

Thomas and Raxworthy create an immersive aesthetic experience that sonically places the viewer inside the ‘thinking’ matter of the quantum computer, the atom. The sonic work is constructed with scientific data, where the spin of subatomic particles is made audible. Scientific research was conducted in collaboration with Andrea Morello. The work brings into question scientific research and discoveries by exploring new experiential languages.

  • Dr. Paul Thomas is Associate Professor and Director of UNSW Art and Design Fine Arts program (Australia). He initiated the Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference series (2010, 2012, 2014) and was founding Director of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (2002, 2004). Thomas’s work takes inspiration and operates within nanoscience and quantum theory.
  • Kevin Raxworthy is senior technician at Curtin University of Technology’s Studio of Electronic Arts (Australia). In collaboration with Thomas, he wrote an algorithm based on cellular automaton for the project Nanoessence. Recently completing a Master of Art (Electronic Art), Raxworthy’s practice engages the nexus between artifi cial life, code space and art.

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