[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Sarah Keeling & Claire Gustavson – MOVING SATURN

Artists Statement

HD Video (2013)

In Moving Saturn, a maroon Saturn sedan is pushed slowly and with great effort across a picturesque landscape. The various sounds – a nearby river, rustling grass, snippets of conversation, and birds – are subtitled. Without explanation or context for the events that are portrayed in the film, the viewer focuses on the subtitles, which present the possibility of narrative but ultimately resist categorization.

  • Sarah Keeling (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) and Claire Gustavson (Brooklyn, NY, USA) are multidisciplinary artists. Their collaborative work expresses an interest in the built environment and seeks to produce playful variations that represent their experiences and desires within it. They create situations that redefine the meaning of ordinary objects, while experimenting with humorous interventions.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 85