[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Reza Michael Safavi, Jefferson Goolsby & Mei-ling Lee – SOUND TRACER

Artists Statement

Car, Tools, Live Video, Live Audio (2015)

Using a variety of tools, uniformed figures destroy a car, live-generating a variety of audio and video samples, rhythms, timbres, envelopes, frequencies, and imagery. The raw sonic and visual materials are live-streamed from performer– and car–mounted cameras and microphones to mediating composers for processing and remixing, then reintegrated into the performance space. The simultaneous destruction and reconstruction create a singular composition.

  • Reza Michael Safavi is an Associate Professor and Digital Media Director in the Department of Fine Arts at Washington State University, USA.
  • Digital media artist Jefferson Goolsby received his MFA in Digital Art from University of Oregon and is Coordinator of the Media Arts program at Lane College, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  • Composer Mei-ling Lee’s work integrates contemporary and twentieth-century western music with traditional Chinese and eastern forms. She received her Ph.D. in composition with supporting area in Intermedia Music Technology at University of Oregon, USA.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 84-85