[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (Boredomresearch) – DARK STORM PHIALS

Artists Statement

Custom software (2015)

In Dark Storm Phials boredomresearch creates a world of fragile, growing forms that have a brief opportunity to release sonic pulses of energy before being destroyed by a mysterious rumbling force in their environment. The delicate forms are related on the level of the computer model to the vulnerabilities that exist in the natural world and exhibit behaviours that are not dissimilar to that of the commercial high street or a financial system. This work addresses the uncomfortable relationship we have as a culture with destructive processes, despite them being essential for growth.

  • boredomresearch is a collaboration between artists Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (UK). They are internationally renowned for creating artworks which explore extended time frames and the mechanics of the natural world using contemporary technology. boredomresearch’s work opens channels for meaningful dialogue and engagement between public and scientific  domains. Their work Real Snail Mail (the world’s first webmail service to use real snails), which challenges our cultural obsession with speed, received worldwide attention including coverage in BBC, TIME Magazine, New Scientist and Daily Planet Discovery Channel Canada.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 83