[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Owen Roberts – GETTING TO KNOW YOU

Artist Statement

Mobile application implemented on Google Cardboard virtual reality (2015)

Getting To Know You is an art app for iPhone, Android and Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers. The app tells a story through the exploration of moving landscapes experienced by the viewer when rotating the device or moving their headset in physical space. The environment contains six levels based on separate visual themes using 3D animation and algorithmically generated sound, text and textures.

  • Owen Roberts is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. His work combines digital platforms with processes including writing, drawing, sound and animation. Roberts uses new technology for unintended purposes, like telling stories on an old f ip phone, making video games with no objective or using software to write poems. His work is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Text with images (PDF)  p. 97