[ISEA2015] Artists Statement: Kyriaki Goni & Theodoros Papatheodorou – RADIO NIPPON

Artists Statement

Interactive Installation (2013)

In Radio Nippon, 652 Geiger counters all over Japan are used to create an audio map that plays the level of radioactivity at these sites. Of particular note is the area of Fukushima, in central Japan, still exhibiting dangerous levels of radiation. The data are generated by official government counters, amidst strong indications from the public that they misrepresent the true magnitude of the disaster.

  • Kyriaki Goni is an artist, creative technologist and researcher. She holds a BA and MA in fine and digital arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece) and an MA in cultural anthropology from Leiden University (Netherlands). She exhibits her work internationally and participates in conferences about the intersection of art and technology.
  • Theodoros Papatheodorou is an interactive media designer, computer scientist and educator. He received his MSc in computer science and PhD in computer vision from Imperial College London, UK. Papatheodorou has published papers on science, technology and art, and has participated in interdisciplinary conferences and workshops around the world.

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