[ISEA95] Curator Statement: Richard Baillargeon (curator) — Changing Configurations

Curator Statement

Satellite Event

In an era which certain people qualify as “post-photographic”, the exhibition Changing Configurations questions the increasingly narrow connections that unite images and technology. This exhibit is produced by Vox Populi during the event Le Mois de la Photo.


  • Richard Baillargeon

Participants (Maison de la culture Mercier):

  • Marc Audette (Canada)
  • Carol Dallaire (Canada)
  • Caroll Moppet (Canada)
  • Sophie Bellissent (Canada)
  • Joan Fontcuberta (Spain)
  • Daniel Canogar (Spain)
  • Celine Messier (Canada)

Participants (Vox Populi):

  • Dominique Pelletey (France)
  • Ramona Ramlochand (Canada)