[ISEA95] Curator Statement: Jacques Charbonneau (curator) — Atrium Verra

Curator Statement

Satellite Event

An exhibition presenting images created through new technologies by twenty artists from Quebec, France, Germany, and the United States.


  • Jacques Charbonneau


  • Philippe Boissonnet (Canada)
  • Daniel Cabanis (France)
  • Jacques Charbonneau (Canada)
  • Ginette Daigneault (Canada)
  • Carol Dallaire (Canada)
  • James Durand (France)
  • Hubert Durocher (Canada)
  • Jean-Pierre Gagnon (Canada)
  • Richard Garneau (Canada)
  • Gregory P. Garvey (Canada)
  • Daniel Hogue (Canada)
  • Alex Kempkens (Canada)
  • Sowon Kwon (USA)
  • Pierre Monat (Canada)
  • Robert Mongeau (Canada)
  • Georg Muhleck (Germany)
  • Andre Pappathomas (Canada)
  • Sylvie Pronovost (Canada)
  • Jacques Rancourt (Canada)
  • Barbara Rauch (Czech Republic)
  • Cynthia Beth Rubin (USA)
  • Richard Ste-Marie (Canada)
  • J.W. Stewart (Canada)
  • Anton Vidokle (USA)